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Point-of-Use Ionizing Blowers


Self-contained Compressed Air Ionizing Cartridge Model 6110/6110A

Simco-Ion’s Steady-state DC Self-contained Compressed Air Maintenance Free Ionizing Cartridge Model 6110/6110A controls static charge in production, packaging, laboratory and other environments where static build-up can cause contamination, ESD, material handling problems or microprocessor lock-up. Compact and rugged, the cartridge can be used either for in-line ionization or as an ionizing blow-off gun.

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Fast Discharge Cleanroom-rated Blow-off Gun Model 6115

Simco-Ion's Fast Discharge Cleanroom-rated Lightweight Ionizing Blow-off Gun AirForce Model 6115 was designed with the operator in mind. The AirForce’s lightweight, flexible air hose—just 3/8 in diameter—moves with the operator and makes work easier. No high voltage cable means improved operator safety. The gun’s ergonomic design—with a light touch trigger and easy-view LED—minimizes fatigue and eliminates wrist hyperextension.

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Self-cleaning Low Balance Ionizing TargetBlower Model 6202e

Simco-Ion's Compact Self-cleaning Low Balance Ionizing TargetBlower Model 6202e is designed to control static charge in near critical environments. With ±5V or better balance, it meets the requirements for manufacturing Class 0 (Charged Device Model) devices. The TargetBlower’s space-saving design is perfect for point-of-use applications found in semiconductor final manufacturing and in other automated process tools.

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In-tool Local Area Blower with FMS Interface
Model 6422e

Simco-Ion's Compact In-tool Local Area Ionizing Blower Model 6422e with FMS Interface is the most efficient small blower of its kind for controlling static discharge in hard-to-reach areas. In the tight confines of process tools, ionization must be easy and cost-effective, but carry the same level of sophistication found in larger ionizers.

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Cleanroom-rated Compact Blower with FMS Interface Model 6432e

Simco-Ion’s Cleanroom-rated Compact Blower Model 6432e with FMS Interface controls static discharge in assembly, inspection, and packaging areas. The Model 6432e can also be used in-tool to control static build-up problems such as product contamination, material mis-handling or microprocessor lock-up.

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minION2 Self-balancing Compact Ionizing Blower

Simco-Ion’s minION2 Ionizing Blower is designed to control electrostatic charges in sensitive electronics assembly and automated tool applications requiring stable operation with fast discharge time performance. The minION2 is built to deliver big performance and reliability in a compact package with a practical feature set.

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orION Fast Discharge Compact Compressed Air Nozzle

Simco-Ion’s orION Ionizing Air Nozzle and Controller provides high performance and reliability in a compact, compressed air nozzle. It has been designed for use in fixed applications on manufacturing lines, equipment, and tool applications in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing industries.


Top Gun Low Balance Compressed Air or Nitrogen Air Gun

Simco-Ion’s Top Gun Ionizing Air Gun is a high-performance ionizing air gun designed for a wide variety of electronic manufacturing, medical and assembly applications. Balanced to 0±15V, the Top Gun features high blow-off force and low air consumption providing high efficiency cleaning and maximum static charge decay. A filter at the exit of the gun ensures that the air is clean.


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