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(Alameda, CA) Simco-Ion has introduced a new product line of ultra-small ionizers, the ionONE line.  Our first two models are the Micro S (for “spot”) and Micro SA (“spot air-assist”).
The major advantage the Micro S and Micro SA offers customers is their small size—roughly 2.6” x 1.6” x 0.7” (67 mm x 40 mm x 17 mm). They are perfect for use in applications where space is at an absolute premium, and ionization requirements are mild to moderate. Both models provide excellent self-calibrating ion balance and easy maintenance.   We anticipate using the S and SA for:

  • Ionizing the area around pick-and-place heads on board stuffing equipment to eliminate ESD damage to chips.
  • Ionizing the area under an inspection microscope to keep particles from being attracted to products during assembly or inspection processes.
  • Ionizing the area around test sockets on IC test equipment, as well as on the chip handling feeder mechanisms.

The ionONE Model S and Model SA are immediately available for order from your local Simco-Ion product distributor.

Simco-Ion has been solving electrostatic charge control issues for more than 70 years. Our Technology Application Experts are focused on delivering solutions for the Semiconductor, Electronic Assembly, Photovoltaic, Flat Panel Display, Disk Drive, Cleanroom, Medical Device and In-tool applications. You can be sure of receiving maximum performance and reliability. We provide cost effective, innovative products best suited to your application needs. Simco-Ion offers a comprehensive product line to monitor, analyze, and control electrostatic charge and discharge, a critical component for environments where products are sensitive to ESD-related issues. The Simco-Ion Technology Team distinguishes itself by providing outstanding customer service and application expertise.

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