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In-line Ionizers

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Ultra-clean Nitrogen Gas In-line Ionizer
Model 4214

Simco-Ion's Ultra-clean Nitrogen Gas In-line Ionizer Model 4214 is specifically designed to ionize a nitrogen gas flow in ultra clean semiconductor or other high purity processes. Unlike other nitrogen ionizers which ionize contaminant air molecules in ultra pure nitrogen, the Model 4214 ionizes nitrogen molecules without the need for a large power supply. These ionizers provide a fast discharge time of <10 seconds for optimal static charge neutralization.

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CDA or Nitrogen Gas In-line Ionizer Model 4210

Simco-Ion's CDA or Nitrogen Gas In-line Ionizer Model 4210 pipes compressed ionized gas for balanced charge neutralization in the heart of process equipment, where limited space or proximity to sensitive products makes ionizing bars impractical. Either Clean Dry Air (CDA) or nitrogen can be ionized, depending on process requirements.

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In-line fusION Critical Environment In-line Ionizer

Simco-Ion’s In-Line fusION Compact Ionizing Bar is an air ionizer capable of controlling electrostatic charge in the local area. Applications for In-Line fusION are those found inside process equipment and mini-environments in the semiconductor, flat panel display, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. It is especially well suited for longer length delivery line applications.

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