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In-line Gas Ionizer Model 4210CDA or Nitrogen Gas In-line Ionizer Model 4210

Simco-Ion's CDA or Nitrogen Gas In-line Ionizer Model 4210 pipes compressed ionized gas for balanced charge neutralization in the heart of process equipment, where limited space or proximity to sensitive products makes ionizing bars impractical. Either Clean Dry Air (CDA) or nitrogen can be ionized, depending on process requirements.

  • Directly connects to delivery manifolds
  • IsoStat® technology (never needs balancing)
  • Steady-state DC ion emission
  • Single crystal silicon emitter points (U/un models)

Ion Balance

±25V at specified flow and pressure measured at 6" from CPM; tested in accordance with Standard ANSI/ESD STM3.1-2006 Ionization


4210 10 sec, 4210u 6 sec, 4210un 10 sec; measured through 6" long, 1/4" ID Teflon tube held 6" from the CPM; airflow rate of 120 SCFH (2 SCFM)

Ion Emission

Steady-state DC

Emitter Points

Tungsten or single-crystal silicon

Input Power

120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, approximately 2W; 100/230 VAC models available


Ambient -4°F (-20°C) -140°F (60°C) max; inlet gas supply 250°F (120°C) in a 73°F (23°C) ambient environment

Gas Flow Rate

Minimum 1.5 CFM; maximum set by manifold back pressure

Input Pressure

10-50 psi safe range; unit is NOT designed to withstand high pressures; should be installed downstream from any valves with the output open to atmospheric pressure

Manifold Pressure

Model 4210 0-50 psi; 4210u 0-50 psi; Model 4210un 0-15 psi to achieve ionization


Teflon tubing with flare fittings for interconnects; nitrogen 3/8" (9.5 mm) ID tubing; CDA 1/4" (6 mm) ID tubing; details on manifold design, refer to Simco-Ion Technical Note, In-line Gas Ionization Considerations 4210 Use and Application Guide

Gas Connectors

1/4" NPT female Teflon fittings at both gas input and output


4210 ISO 14644-1 Class 5 standards (Fed. Std. 209e Class 100 equivalent); 4210u ISO 14644-1 Class 3 standards (Fed. Std. 209e Class 1 equivalent); 4210un ISO 14644-1 Class 3 standards (Fed. Std. 2093 Class 1 equivalent).

Gas Ionization

CDA and/or Nitrogen


Power-coated white aluminum


4-6/32 threaded holes provided; wall and bulkhead mount brackets available


2.4D x 4.75L x 3.13W (6.1D x 12.1L x 8.0W cm)


37 oz (1.04 kg) including fittings and power cord

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