Semicon West 2017

Semicon West 2017
July 11 - 13

Moscone Center, San Francisco

 fusION In-line IonizerNovx 7000 Voltage DetectionAerostat PC BlowerAirForce Blow-off GunModel 5710 Micropulse Bar

We have solutions for you to improve yield that is impacted by electrostatic.


All of us will be attending the Semicon Show to meet with you and discuss our ionization solutions that will improve your yield.

  1. Is your product being charged up to greater than +/-35V?  
    We can get you there.

    The industry is mandating lower Charge Voltages due to thinner oxide layers and smaller geometries.

  2. Does your product attract particles like a magnet?  
    Stop it! with ionization.

    Simply pick up any charged plastic and particles will be drawn like a magnet. Ionization eliminates attraction of particles caused by electrostatic changes.

    Let us know where to meet you and we will be there!  Click here to setup a meeting request.

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