Critical Environment Ionizing Blowers

Simco-Ion’s comprehensive product line of ionization blowers incorporates years of research, engineering and field experience to deliver effective solutions for semiconductor, electronics assembly, cleanroom and tool applications. Our capability in the design, development and manufacture of electrostatic charge control equipment offers precisely controlled ESD protection along with a high level of cleanliness that is required within critical manufacturing environments.
Model 5802i Cleanroom Ionizing Air Blower

Model 5802i Benchtop Ionizing Blower

The 5802i critical environment ionizer provides reliable, fast static charge control for benchtop work areas and small spaces, allowing optimal electrostatics management that minimizes cost and maximizes protection for ESD-sensitive areas.

Model 5810i ISO Class 4 Overhead Ionizing Air Blower

Model 5810i Overhead Ionizing Blower

The 5810i critical environment ionizer is designed to provide industry-leading balanced ionization performance in cleanroom environments.

Model 5822i ISO Class 4 In-tool Ionizing Air Blower

Model 5822i In-tool Ionizing Blower

The 5822i critical environment ionizer is designed to meet small-footprint ionizer requirements in automated process tools.