Ultra-clean Environment Gas Ionizers

Simco-Ion Ultra-clean Gas Ionizers are specifically designed for semiconductor wafer processing and the stringent cleanliness and performance requirements at smaller geometries. It provides ISO 14644-12 ionization (0.01 µm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) cleanliness.

Model 4210 In-line CDA/Nitrogen GAS Ionizer

Simco-Ion’s In-line Gas Ionizer Model 4210 when provided with gas from an ultra-clean source, operates 10 times better than Class 3 cleanroom requirements.

Model 4214 Nitrogen Gas

Unlike other nitrogen ionizers which depend on the trace gases in the nitrogen stream to produce ionization, the Model 4214 ionizes nitrogen molecules using a small but efficient power supply..