Extreme Temperature Ionizing Bars

Simco-Ion’s new Precision Extreme Temperature Ionization System provides industry-leading performance at both high (+155°C) and low (-50°C) temperatures.  This most remarkable capability provides extremely tight balance control over this temperature range which will ensure reduction from ESD damage throughout the entire semiconductor assembly/test process.

Model 4610 Extreme Environment Ionizer

The compact size of the Model 4610TF and unique guides surrounding the emitter points make the ionizer perfectly suited for tight areas of extreme environments where adequate airflow can be an issue.

Model 4612 Extreme Temperature Air Ionizer

Model 4612 Extreme Temperature Ionizer

The compact size of the 4612 Precision Ionizer, 4062e-CLC Controller and 550 Antenna are the perfect answer to maintain tightly-controlled ionization in small test chambers with active robotics moving parts under extreme environments.