Confined Space Ionizing Blowers

In-tool static control typically offers constraints as to the size and type of ionizer that can be used. Simco-Ion offers many different space saving products that have been specifically designed to fit inside of process tools or within any other tight fitting production area.

6422e In-tool Static Control Ionizing Blower

Model 6422e In-tool
Ionizing Blower

The compact 6422e static control ionizer with optional auto clean is the most efficient small blower of its kind for controlling static discharge in hard-to-reach areas.

6432e Point-of-Use Static Control Ionizing Blower

Model 6432e Local Area
Ionizing Blower

The compact 6432e static control ionizer controls static discharge in assembly, inspection and packaging areas requiring focused coverage ionization.

minION2 Compact Static Control Ionizing Blower with Daisy-chain

minION2 Compact
Ionizing Blower

The self-balancing minION2 static control ionizer is built to deliver big performance and reliability in a compact package with a practical feature set.