Model 4214

Model 4214 Class 1 Nitrogen Gas Ionizer


Providing Clean Ionization for any Ultra-clean Process

Simco-Ion’s In-line Ultra-clean Nitrogen Ionizer Model 4214 is specifically designed to ionize a nitrogen gas flow in ultra-clean semiconductor or other high purity processes. Unlike other nitrogen ionizers which depend on the trace gases in the nitrogen stream to produce ionization, this state-of-the-art product ionizes nitrogen molecules using a small but efficient power supply.

  • ISO Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) and  ISO Class 12 (0.01 µm particles)
  • Alarms indicating low ion output (maintenance required), high voltage power supply failure, and low gas flow
  • Standby mode
  • Self-balanced ionization
  • Auto shutoff with low gas flow
  • Compact size
  • +24 VDC Input Power

For additional information on the 4214 ionizer or other ionization solutions for static control and particle contamination control, contact Sales Services.


Input Voltage +24 VDC, ±5% @ 0.25 A, 6W (typ)
Discharge Without manifold ±1000-100V, 10 sec or less (typ), measured @ 150 mm (6”) to CPM, nitrogen flow rate 40 lpm @ 36.5 kPa (1.4 cfm @ 5.3 psi); with manifold 1000-100V, 100 sec or less (typ), measured @ 500 mm (19.6”) with custom manifold
Balance ±25V or less range with no output manifold, measured @ 150 mm (6”) from CPM, standard nitrogen flow rate 40 lpm @ 36.5 kPa (1.4 cfm @ 5.3 psi)
Ion Emissions High frequency AC corona discharge
Cleanliness ISO Class 1 (0.1 µm particles); ISO Class 12 (0.01 µm particles)
Dimension 6.0L x 2.85W x 1.26H in. (152.4 x 72.4 x 32 mm) without manifold
Weight 0.64 kg (1.4 lbs) without manifold
  • Interface Cables
  • Manifold Kits
  • Calibration and Certification Service
  • Tube Adapter
  • Filter Cartridge Kit
  • Silicon Emitter Point Kit

ANSI/ESDA SP3.4-2016 – Protection of Electrostatic Discharge Susceptible Items – Periodic Verification of Air Ionizer Performance Using a Small Fixture – products designed for confine space.

Please refer to all the applicable industry standards for comprehensive electrostatic charge management on our Industry Standards page.

Target Markets

  • Front-end Semiconductor Manufacturing

Target Applications

The small size of the In-Line Ultra Clean Gas Ionizer Model 4214 provides superior static neutralizing ionization for semiconductor device manufacturing vertical furnaces.

Model 4214 Ionization Inside Verical Funance