AeroBar® 5685

AeroBar 5685 Steady State DC Static Control Ionizing Bar


Steady State DC Ion Emission with Intrinsically Balanced Ionization

Simco-Ion’s AeroBar Ionizer Model 5685 is designed to control static charge in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations. The Model 5685 features a unique aerodynamic design that ionizes a local area without disrupting laminar flow. Ideal in 12-24 inch distance applications with laminar air flow, the Model 5685 utilizes steady-state DC ion emission and Simco-Ion’s IsoStat® Technology. IsoStat technology guarantees intrinsically balanced ionization. No complicated feedback circuits are required to maintain balance and adjustment is never needed.

  • IsoStat® technology
  • Steady-state DC ion emission for high ion density
  • Single-crystal silicon or titanium emitter points
  • Multiple lengths, including short 11 inch AeroBars


For additional information on the AeroBar 5685 ionizer or other ionization solutions for static control and particle contamination control, contact Sales Services.


Input Voltage 24 VAC (±10%), 50-60 Hz, 3.5W (max)
Balance ±50V @ 24” measured directly below two opposite polarity emitter points (Model 5685 must be mounted at least 6” away from grounded surfaces for optimum balance performance)
Discharge 25 sec or less for ±1000V to ±100V discharge @ 24” with min 60 fpm airflow
Ion Emission Steady State DC
Emitter Points Single-crystal silicon, machined titanium
Dimension 2.1H x 1.13W x 11, 22, 44, 64L in. (5.3H x 2.9W x 27.9, 55.9, 111.8, 162.6L cm)
Weight 9 oz per foot of bar length (255g per 0.3m)
  • Wire Terminal Connector
  • Wire Ties
  • Tie Blocks
  • Cables
  • Standard AeroBar Installation Kit
  • Transformers
  • Pine Tree Clips
  • Eye bolt with nut
  • Mid-clip for Egg Crate
  • Mid-clip for acrylic rod or chain
  • Wire clip to secure cables to AeroBar
  • Flat clip for horizontal mounting
  • Stainless steel T-Bar clip
  • Ultra-clean Sleeved (Silicon) Emitter Point
  • Class One (Titanium) Emitter Point
  • Simco-Ion Emitter Point Cleaner
  • Polycarbonate Rod for AeroBars, Clear, 4"
  • Polycarbonate Rod for AeroBars, Clear, 12"

Please refer to all the applicable industry standards for comprehensive electrostatic charge management on our Industry Standards page.

Target Markets

  • Back-End Semiconductor Processing
  • Front-End Semiconductor Manufacturing

Target Applications

The AeroBar 5685 is designed to control electrostatic discharge and particle contamination in mini-environments in locations where forced-air is not favored such as a wafer handler station.

Model 5685 air ionizer wafer handler installation application

The AeroBar 5685 is designed to control electrostatic discharge and particle contamination in mini-environments such as a wafer inspection areas.

Model 5685 air ionizer wafer inspection installation application