Ultra-clean Environment Ionizing Bars

Our ultra-clean products are designed to operate in ISO 14644-12 (0.01 µm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) cleanliness standard areas. These ultra clean ionizers are the perfect solution for those manufacturing or test environments that require the highest control level of airborne contaminants.

AeroBar 5635 Class 1 Air Ionizing Bar

AeroBar® 5635 MP Class 1 
Ionizing Bar

The Model 5635 utilizes MP technology, combining a high-frequency sine wave with modulated pulses (MP) for high ion output and delivery. This breakthrough technology enables AeroBar mounting within 150 mm of the wafer.

AeroBar 5635M MP Metal-free Ultraclean Air Ionizer

AeroBar® 5635M MP Class 1 Ionizing Bar

The Model 5635M utilizes Modulated Pulse (MP) technology and is specifically designed to eliminate static charge in semiconductor and other ultra-clean manufacturing processes where no exposed metallic surfaces are not permitted.