AeroBar® 5635M MP

Metal-free Ultra-clean Air Ionizing AeroBar Model 5635M



Modulated Pulse Technology with Wide Adjustability & ISO 14644-12 Ionization

Simco-Ion’s Model 5635M AeroBar MP ionizing bar is specifically designed to eliminate static charge in semiconductor and other ultra-clean manufacturing processes where fast discharge time, low swing voltages and precision balance are required, but exposed metallic surfaces are not permitted. The Model 5635M utilizes MP technology, combining a high-frequency sine wave with modulated pulses (MP) for high ion output and delivery. This breakthrough technology enables AeroBar mounting within 150 mm of the wafer. MP technology, combined with ultra-clean silicon emitter points and precision adjustment, provides ISO 14644-12 ionization (0.01 µm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) cleanliness, critical for smaller technology nodes.

  • ISO 14644-12 (0.01 µm particles) ionization
  • ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) cleanliness
  • Modulated pulse technology
  • Metal-free design “M”
  • Excellent lateral uniformity
  • Low field voltages
  • Air-assist capability
  • Optional software with easy-to-use interface with wide adjustability
  • Alarm output signal


For additional information on the AeroBar 5635M ionizer or other ionization solutions for static control and particle contamination control, contact Sales Services.


Input Voltage 24 VDC ±10%
Balance Auto balancing system <±20V over time and across the bar length (measured in a controlled environment at 24” distance)
Ion Emission Modulated pulse (MP) technology
Emitter Points Single-crystal silicon emitter points
Cleanliness Meets ISO 14644-12 (0.01 µm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) using 45-50%
Enclosure ABS chassis (ground plate – carbon filled ABS)
Dimension 3.1H x 1.3W x 18/24/34/39/45/51/57/63/69/75/81/87/93L in. 
(78H x 34W x 450/600/850/1000/1150/1300/1450/1600/1750/
1900/2050/2200/2350L mm)
  • Signal and Power Junction Box for FMS Connection
  • Remote Serial Adapter Kit
  • 100-240 VAC to 24 VDC Power Transformer
  • 24 VDC Power Converter with Signal and Power Junction Box
  • Delrin Plastic flat mounting bracket and swivelCat-5e with RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
  • OpenJet Nozzle Assembly
  • IEC Power Cord
  • Single Crystal Silicon Emitter Points
  • Simco-Ion Emitter Point Cleaner

Please refer to all the applicable industry standards for comprehensive electrostatic charge management on our Industry Standards page.

Target Markets

  • Front-End Semiconductor Manufacturing

Target Applications

AeroBar 5635M is specifically designed for semiconductor wafer processing and the stringent cleanliness and performance requirements at smaller geometries along with environments that need to be metal free. It provides ISO 14644-12 ionization (0.01 µm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) cleanliness.