General Purpose Ionizing Cartridges, Guns, Nozzles

Ionization air guns, nozzles and cartridges are perfect for point of use applications. Ionizing blow-off guns and nozzles are used to remove contaminants and static charges from surfaces and parts, which reduces the chance of damage from ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). The blow-off gun or nozzle can easily remove stubborn particulates from sensitive parts and surfaces while eliminating static charges that can attract charged contaminants. Adding an ionization cartridge to any in-line airstream will also effectively control ESD and particle contamination to any targeted area.


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Simco-Ion's Model 6110 Air Ionizing Cartridge for Static Control

Model 6110 Cartridge

The self-contained compressed Air Ionizing Cartridge Model 6110 controls static charge in production, packaging, laboratory and other environments where static build-up can cause contamination, ESD, material handling problems or microprocessor lock-up.

Simco-Ion's AirForce Air Ionizing Blow-off Gun for Static Control

AirForceTM Blow-off Gun

Strong blow-off power makes the AirForce effective in removing particle contamination and ideal for use in clean process applications. The 6115 is the only gun product rated at ISO 14644-1 Class 4 cleanliness (Fed. Std. 209e Class 10 equivalent).

Simco-Ion's Top Gun Air Ionizing Blow-off Gun for Static Control

Top GunTM Blow-off Gun

The Top Gun Ionizing Air Gun is a high-performance ionizing air gun designed for a wide variety of electronic manufacturing, medical and assembly applications.

Simco-Ion's orION Air Ionizing Nozzle for Static Control

orIONTM Nozzle

The orION Ionizing Air Nozzle and Controller has been designed for use in fixed applications on manufacturing lines, equipment, and tool applications in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing industries.