What Sets Us Apart

Simco-Ion, Technology Best-In-ClassA Customer First Approach

Simco-Ion, an Illinois Tool Works Company, is the worldwide leader in solving static control issues in a wide range of industries. Since 1936, Simco-Ion recognized throughout the industry as the leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, and reliable static control products providing outstanding customer service and application expertise.

Best-in-Class Products

Simco-Ion is renowned for providing Best-in-Class products and solutions for static control and monitoring solutions available in the industry. A comprehensive portfolio of ISO-designed ionizers and digital controllers to address electrostatic problems in clean manufacturing environments.

Simco-Ion, a one-stop-shop where you’ll find the innovative products and solutions to address Industry 4.0 requirements and new manufacturing processes.  

  • Quality you can count on
  • Reliability you can depend on
  • Expertise and service you can trust