Confined Space Ionizing Bars

Air ionization maintains the integrity of components and subassemblies by neutralizing static charge generated during the manufacturing process or during transport to final test and assembly. Neutralizing static charge improves production yield and the quality of the product by 1) substantially reducing or eliminating the damaging effects of electrostatic discharge and 2) reducing the attraction of dirt and particles on the surface of the product. Our line of confined space ionizers are specially suited for applications with tight space constraints or where low clearance is an issue. Optional accessories such as fan attachment or an in-line air delivery system helps increase the static charge control of these ionizers for areas where ambient airflow is limited.

Simco-Ion Spot Ionizers

ionONE Micro S & SA Spot Ionizers

Both the Model Micro S and Micro SA provide excellent self-calibrating ion balance. An LED conveniently mounted on the ionizer will indicate the device is powered on.

fusION Electrostatic Charge Controller

fusION Ionizing Bar

fusION compact ionizer offers tungsten emitters which is ideal for system integration with remote alarm capability. Multiple units can be linked together allowing up to 5 units to be daisy-chained.

fusION AA Ionizing Bar

Simple to install, operate and maintain; mount the fusION AA in a convenient location adjacent to the static problem, connect the power supply and compressed gas tubing and fusION AA begins to eliminate static charge.

In-line fusION limited space ionizer

In-line fusION Ionizing Bar

This incredibly compact ionizer offers tungsten emitters. In-Line fusION can be powered directly from a process tool’s 24 VDC power source or by the Simco-Ion fusION power supply kit..

Model 4630 QuadBarTM Ionizer

Its unique quadropole configuration ensures effective ionization as close as 3 inches from the product. The 4630’s compact size is designed to fit easily
into the tight confines of any process equipment.

Model 4635 QuadBarTM
with Air Assist

With its own independent air delivery system, the Model 4635 provides ionization where airflow is limited or unavailable offering two air assist cartridge design options.