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In critical, demanding professional analytic applications of lightweight and small materials such as powders and weigh samples, electrostatic charge complicates material handling and sample analysis. In order to improve accuracy, resolution and repeatability control of electrostatic charge is essential.

Simco-Ion offers several products well suited to the demands of analytic environments. These products enhance the process by eliminating the annoyance of material handling while improving accuracy, efficiency and repeatability of the process.

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The fusION is a bi-polar air ionizer capable of controlling electrostatic charge in the local area. Applications for fusION are those found inside process equipment and mini-environments in the semiconductor, flat panel display, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. It is especially well suited for applications with space constraints and low clearance.

IONforce Ion BarIONforce Ion Bar

The Simco-Ion IONforce ion bar provides rapid neutralization of static charges and prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD) in applications such as cleanrooms and workstations. Powered with a Simco-Ion PFC or VisION Controller unit, the IONforce bar produces positive and negative ions that rapidly neutralize any potentially destructive charges in the work area.

minION2 Ionizing Air BlowerminION2 Ionizing Blower

Simco-Ion’s minION2 ionizing air blower is designed to control electrostatic charges in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment and for benchtop applications requiring high performance in a small package. Using steady-state DC corona ion technology, the minION2 features self-monitoring to ensure controlled, consistent ion output.

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