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Electrostatic Sensing & Process Monitoring Products (Novx)

Instrumentation & Software

The Simco-Ion Novx products monitor and analyze advanced process environments in the semiconductor, hard disk drive, flat-panel display, aerospace, and medical device industries. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) related events can cause catastrophic and/or latent product damage. There is a need (and increasingly, a requirement) for real-time monitoring, data collection, and status reporting to increase manufacturing yields and to provide historical verification. The comprehensive monitoring capabilities of the Novx product line compliment our ionization management products to provide the complete monitor, analyze, and control solution.

Product and Services

Instrumentation: Process Environment Monitoring - Electrostatic Charge - Electrostatic Discharge - EMI - RFI - Product Voltage Sensors - Operator and Ground Monitoring - Ionization - Airborne Particle Count Monitoring.

Software: Calibrator-Reader

Services: Process and equipment analysis, consulting and training.

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