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Ionzier Accessories


Installation Parts, Accessories and Consumable Replacement Supplies used with Electrostatic Control Ionization Products

  • Clips, Mounting Brackets, Stands, or other accessories designed specifically for easy installation of Simco-Ion Ionizers
  • Hand Held Terminal or Remote Control used to Optimize Simco-Ion AeroBar, Air Ionizing Bars, or Ceiling Emitters.
  • Specific Product Enhancement Accessories including the following:
    • Articulated Mounting Arm for Minion 2 Blower
    • Foot Activation Switch for orION Air Nozzle and AirForce Airgun
    • Cord Lock for Model 5802i/5810i Blowers
    • Air Ring, Air Knife or Snap-On Fan for fusION Air Ionizing Bar 
  • Interconnect cables, terminal blocks and network cables used to communicate between Ionizer, Controller and/or Facility Monitoring Systems.
  • External Power Supply Transformers and Power Cords for supplying wall power to Simco-Ion Ionizers.
  • Silicon Carbide, Single Crystal Silicon, Titanium or Tungsten Emitter Points for Simco-Ion Ionizers
  • Consumable Replacement Supplies including ionizer blower filters, batteries, light bulbs, emitter point cleaners, and ceiling emitter lens.


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