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Ionizing Bars


General Use Ionizing Bars

Simco-Ion's General Use Ionizing Bars are designed to control static charge in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations. Those models with air assist allow for faster decay times and protection over greater distances in turbulent environments.

Digital Ionizing Bars

Simco-Ion's Digital Ionizing Bars offers precision ionization performance. Digital communication technology enables the user to adjust all operating parameters of the ionization system, thus offering an unparalleled level of control and protection.

In-tool Ionizing Bars

Simco-Ion's In-tool Ionization Bars control electrostatic charges in the localized area. The ionizing bars are designed to fit easily in the tight confines of process equipment. Those models with air assist provide effective static control independent of process airflow conditions.

Modulated Pulse Ionizing Bars

Simco-Ion's MP Ionizing Bars are designed to control static charges in semiconductor and other clean manufacturing processes where fast discharge time and precision balance is required. The Modulated Pulse (MP) technology combined with ultra-clean emitter points offers perfect protection for the latest wafer technology nodes.

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