Novx Electrostatic Sensing & Process Monitoring

What is electrostatic sensing?

Simco-Ion Novx Electrostatic Sensing and Process Monitors, monitor and analyze advanced process environments in the semiconductor, life sciences, flat-panel display and PCB and electronic assembly industries. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) related events can cause catastrophic and/or latent product damage. There is a need (and increasingly, a requirement) for real-time monitoring, data collection, and status reporting to increase manufacturing yields and to provide historical verification. The comprehensive monitoring capabilities of the Novx product line complement our ionization management products to provide the complete monitor, analyze and control solution.

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  Ionization for Life Science Manufacturers


Novx Series 7000 Critical Process ESD Monitor

Novx 7000 Critical Process ESD Monitor

Simco-Ion's Series 7000 Critical Process ESD Monitor has six dedicated use channels that provide the flexibility to customize the instrument for the monitoring capability and communication required at each location. Module options include field voltage detection/Ionizer balance, ESD event, body voltage detection or ground monitoring, and particle counting.

Novx 3352/3362 Field Voltage Detection Systems

Simco-Ion's Series 3352 & 3362 Passive & Active Field Voltage Detection Systems provide a cost-effective monitoring solution for multiple areas or ionizers. The antennas used with these systems allow their use in a variety of applications including monitoring sensitive workstations, in-tool voltages or ionizer performance with the option of closed-loop control to select ionizer products.



Novx MiniPulse ESD Event Detector

Novx MiniPulse ESD Event Detector

Simco-Ion's MiniPulse ESD Event Detector is designed for tool and process monitoring. The Micro ESD antenna is designed for close proximity ESD event detection which is rated for use in high temperature environment. The Micro Directional ESD Antenna is for use in electrically noisy environments.