Simco-Ion provides several service package options to support our customers’ manufacturing success; proactive operation strategies, scheduled maintenance and care of the equipment for smooth operations, and long term development and training.

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Tech Hotline

Simco-Ion ionization products are the Best-in-Class in technology, effectiveness, reliability, and tech support. 
Simco-Ion offers a Tech Hotline to support our customers from general/technical questions to troubleshooting via phone, live chat, or email.  Our Tech Hotline support is free. 

Contact us @ +1 (510) 217-0470 or

Equipment Functionality Assessment

What to do with aged or neglected equipment?  Simco-Ion has just the program for you. Our Field Service team will perform an on-site evaluation of your equipment to determine its condition and functionality. The summary report provided at the end of the assessment will include the recommended options.   

Please refer to On-site Maintenance: Post-Assessment Maintenance.

On-site Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance - Regular scheduled preventative maintenance is the best solution in keeping your manufacturing site running smoothly.  This is a proactive, preventive solution to keep from unscheduled, unexpected downtime caused by faulty or dirty equipment.  

Post-Assessment Maintenance – This maintenance program will allow our Field Service Team to proceed with their recommendation to repair, recondition/recalibrate, or other recommendations from their report.  

ESD/Static Control Program

Our Application Engineering Team offers a complete Static Control Program.  Program level varies from basic general questions/discussions to online assessment reviews.  For more in-depth technical support, on-site evaluation and industry compliance review are also available.  

For more detail, call  +1-800-367-2452 or salesservices@simco-ion.com. 

On-site ESD & ESA Evaluations

Do you have static control issues or challenges at your facility?  Not sure what to do?  Simco-Ion’s Application Engineering Team offers an on-site Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrostatic Attraction (ESA) Evaluation service.  Our experience Apps Team will provide you with insight into where the problem areas are and their recommendations/solutions to neutralize the area.  

Contact us at +1-800-367-2452 or

Post Warranty Repairs

Simco-Ion products, recognized for their reliability to perform to specification even long after the warranty ends with extensive years of service on the equipment.  However, should your product require service or repair, post-warranty repairs are available at Simco-Ion.  

Contact us at +1 (510) 217-0460 or

In-tool Calibration &
Performance Check

When ionization equipment performs well, we tend to forget the equipment exists until the problem returns.  It’s difficult to determine which equipment is functioning properly or needs recalibration.  Let Simco-Ion’s Field Service Team help you with a performance check on your equipment and bring your equipment up to its full potential.  

Schedule an appointment at +1 (510) 217-0460 or salesservices@simco-ion.com.

On-site Training

Simco-Ion, the leader in electrostatic control, offers a wide range of training programs, from basic ESD/ESA courses to complex industry standards.  We can bring these courses to your organization for on-site group training.  

For more detail, contact +1-800-367-2452 or salesservices@simco-ion.com.