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Flat Panel Display

Stringent contamination control standards for flat panel display manufacturing often require the use of mini-environments and complete room ionization systems to isolate sensitive products from ambient particle contamination during fabrication.

Flat Panel Display

MP Ionizing AeroBar® with Air Assist MP Ionizing AeroBar® with Air Assist

Simco-Ion’s AeroBar MP Ionizing Bar Model 5635 is specifically designed to eliminate static charge in semiconductor and other clean manufacturing processes where fast discharge time, low swing voltages, and precision balance are required. The Model 5635 utilizes MP technology, combining a high-frequency sine wave with modulated pulses (MP) for high ion output and delivery. This breakthrough technology enables AeroBar mounting within 150 mm of the wafer.

IONforce Ion BarIONforce Ion Bar

The Simco-Ion IONforce ion bar provides rapid neutralization of static charges and prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD) in applications such as cleanrooms and workstations. Powered with a Simco-Ion PFC or VisION Controller unit, the IONforce bar produces positive and negative ions that rapidly neutralize any potentially destructive charges in the work area.

Aerostat FPD

     Aerostat FPD

Aerostat FPD ion air blower provides the highest airflow and widest coveragearea for big jobs, where providing the fastest discharge time is critical to meet process requirements.  Available in two, three, and four fan models FPD provides coverage in a variety of applications.

minION2 Ionizing Air BlowerminION2 Ionizing Air Blower

Simco-Ion’s minION2 ionizing air blower is designed to control electrostatic charges in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment and for benchtop applications requiring high performance in a small package. Using steady-state DC corona ion technology, the minION2 features self-monitoring to ensure controlled, consistent ion output.


orION provides high performance and reliability in a compact, compressed air nozzle.

Top Gun & Top Gun Sidekick

Simco-Ion's Top Gun is a high-performance ionizing air gun for electronics manufacturing and cleanroom applications.

In-Line FusION

The FusION is a bipolar air ionizer capable of controlling electrostatic charges in a local area. This incredibly compact unit can be installed in places where typical ionizers do not fit. Simple to install and operate, mount the FusION adjacent to the static problem, connect the power supply and it begins to eliminate the charge. Multiple units can be linked together from one 24 V power source allowing five units to be daisy-chained. An optional fan assembly can be ordered for applications that may benefit from improved airflow. 

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