Closed-Loop Feedback Controlled Static Neutralization System for Extreme Temperatures Model 4612Alameda, CA (January 2018): Simco-Ion, Technology Group has introduced their Extreme Temperature Ionization System. The compact size of the 4612 Precision Ionizer, 4062e Controller and 550 Antenna are the perfect answer to maintain tightly-controlled ionization at both high (+155°C/+311°F) and low (-50°C/-58°F) temperatures. This temperature range is commonly found in many semiconductor assembly tools, as well as several semiconductor back-end test-tools.

ESD S20.20 standard has been adopted by many IC manufacturers, requiring <±35V of balance for qualified ionizer as electrostatic control during the entire manufacturing/test process. This control within an extreme temperature process environment is always a question. Simco-Ion’s 4612/4062e-CLC is the answer and can deliver <±10V performance over extreme temperature range (+155°C to -50°C/+311°F to -58°F).

The 4612 Precision Ionizer with the 550 Antenna are placed into the extreme temperature process environment, providing feedback to 4062e Controller for a controlled ±10V balance performance. Most ionizers use an internal current-monitoring sensor or use the ionizer’s grill as an antenna to control ionizer balance, which due to the inherent difference in negative and positive ion mobility, the actual balance performance 200 mm or more away will usually be difficult to ensure. With the feedback from 550 Antenna, 4612 Precision Ionizer can assure its controlled balance performance delivered to reduce the potential for ESD damage throughout the process.

In addition to these capabilities, the system offers several important features. The controller provides both common “flavors” of FMS output—4-20 mA as well as 0-5V relay closure (open collector). The unit runs on 24 VDC, either from tool power or from an external universal power supply. Simco-Ion offers p/n 14-21241 for this, which converts 100-240 VAC to 24 VDC with Level 6 efficiency (the new U.S. government requirement).

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Simco-Ion, Technology Group is the worldwide leader in static control (charge neutralization and ionization) and particle contamination control (electrostatic attraction), offering custom solutions for a wide range of manufacturing process applications. With a focus on continuous improvement, Simco-Ion, Technology Group is dedicated to developing advanced products designed to improve productivity through enhanced system performance and operation. Worldwide sales support provides unsurpassed customer service and application analysis that continues to drive product excellence. Simco-Ion, Technology Group is a division of Illinois Tool Works or ITW (NYSE: ITW) a Fortune 200 Company that produces engineered fasteners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products. It employs approximately 48,000 people, and is based in Glenview, Illinois, with operations in 57 countries.


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