scorpION3 Low Maintenance In-tool Daisy-chainable Ionizing Air Bar


Clean High Performance Ionizing System

Simco-Ion’s scorpION3 Ionizing System is designed to meet today’s requirements for cleanliness and performance for the semiconductor front-end, semiconductor back-end, and general electronics markets. It’s unique combination of available air assist, “peak-reduction” technology, multiple emitter point materials and lengths make it suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used to reduce charge on surfaces to minimize ESD events, as well as to reduce airborne particle contamination landing on product surfaces during manufacturing.

  • Air assist versions
  • "Peak-reduction” technology
  • Daisy-chain feature with “master/slave” capability

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For additional information on the scorpION3 ionizer or other ionization solutions for static control and particle contamination control, contact Sales Services.


Input Voltage 24 VDC, 200 mA per bar
Discharge <10 sec (typ), 24” with 90 fpm unidirectional airflow
Balance <30V (typ), 24” with 90 fpm unidirectional airflow
Ion Emission Steady State DC, Pulsed DC, Peak Reduction; peak reduction overlap adjustable 0-90%
Emitter Points Replaceable Ultra-clean Silicon and Tungsten
Cleanliness ISO 14644-1 Class 1 (Ultra-clean Silicon), ISO 14644-1 Class 4 (Fed. Std. 209e Class 10) (Tungsten)
Dimension 18, 24, 36, 44, 64, 74, 84L x 2.95H x 1.89W in. (45.7, 61, 91.4, 111.8, 162.6, 188, 213.4 x 75H x 48W cm)
Weight 0.8 kg (1.8 lb), 1 kg (2.1 lb), 1.3 kg (2.8 lb), 1.5 kg (3.2 lb), 2.0 kg (4.3 lb), 2.2 kg (4.9 lb), 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)
  • Power Supply Kit
  • Power Cords   
  • Ultra-clean (Silicon) Emitter Point
  • Tungsten Emitter Point
  • Simco-Ion Emitter Point Cleaner

Target Markets

  • Electronics Assembly
  • Life Sciences
  • Back-end Semiconductor Processing
  • Front-end Semiconductor Processing

Target Applications

The scorpION is designed to control electrostatic discharge and particle contamination in mini-environments and workstations and in locations where forced-air is not favored and usually work in cleaner environment with laminar flow.

scorpION3 In-tool Ionizing Air Bar with Air Assist